Richard Norby

My IT career began back in 1982 as a software developer.  I was project leader for a team creating some of the first PC-based applications for banks and savings and loans.  We wrote in Pascal using the UCSD P-System and supported the IBM PC, the Apple IIe, and the Victor 9000.

Next I moved to EDS when it was still run by Ross Perot.  As a Systems Engineer there I maintaining a supplemental property tax assessment system for Orange County, California.  Eventually EDS moved me to Ft. Sheridan, IL, where I worked on the U.S. Army’s first online recruiting system. (Note: this was before the Internet.)

After EDS I went to work for the phone company, Illinois Bell (which became Ameritech, then SBC, and finally, back to AT&T).  As a Systems Analyst I managed a system for transferring records of phone calls between Illinois Bell and the Independent Exchange Carriers (such as Sprint).  I also managed an online error management system (also pre-Internet).

I left IT in the early 1990s to pursue a writing career. I became a Creative Director, public speaker, and executive.   However, over the last few years, web development has become a key focus of the company I work for, Live Marketing.  They have tapped me to participate and I love it!

In addition to managing others, who do most of the real work, I’ve been bringing my own skills up to date with a special focus on the LAMP world (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP).  I’ve also been paying a lot of attention to streaming video, webcasting, and 3D web.  And I’ve been utilizing Content Management Systems such as Joomla,  Drupal, and WordPress to facilitate the rapid development and deployment of microsites.  In fact, I built this website using WordPress.

Now, as Vice President of Research and Development, I get to direct the web resources of Live Marketing, and be a prime driver in the continued evolution of Live Marketing’s online programs. I also have been honored to conduct seminars for EXHIBITOR learning events, the Trade Show Exhibitors Association, the Healthcare Convention & Exhibitors Association, and the Corporate Event Marketing Association.


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